Inspiration: Your friend or enemy?

Posted: 8 July, 2010 in Art, Creativity, Design, Inspiration

Stuart here. This first Chapter is about Inspiration! Every so often we stumble across something that makes us feel inspired to just get out and make stuff, this simply epic animation from Blu is one such something:

Who here got into Design/Drawing because of another person’s work? I know I did. Inspiration can be a powerful, uplifting thing that motivates you to create. When you lack motivation, turn to your favourite artists! They can give you some amazing focus. Have a think about what aspects you like about their work, their style, content, etc.

On the other hands, there is a down side.   Too much inspiration can actually kill creativity, and cause you to shadow your inspirer.  This is the line between creation and innovation. Creation is making something from scratch, innovation is taking sometime already created and attempting to make it better. Don’t get me wrong, innovation is a good thing. In Australia we have a lot of creative people, but not many innovators, which is why many inventors need to travel overseas to have their ideas patented. Of course, no one person can own a style, but do you want to mimic them, or create your own masterpiece?

A good tip is to talk to the artist you admire. All they can do is ignore you if they’re not up to it. I get ignored quite a bit.  But sometimes they talk to me, and occasionally we end up as friends.  You can talk to them about where they get their inspiration, to try and help get YOU on the right creative path.

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