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Hi, Stuart here. My purpose writing today is to encourage you to subscribe to my posts. Here’s why;

“Manuel press printing professional approach resulted in an excellent brochure design that has inspired many prospects to do business with NETSYSS. The brochure design was done on time and on budget with minimum fuss and young Stuart kept tweaking on the design until the final artwork was 100% matching business requirements. Thank you to the whole team for a job well done.”
Tony Simon, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Today I am going to talk about Creativity. Is creativity the ingredients while hard work is the cooking? Or is creativity the cooking while hard work is the ingredients? The answer is both. Just like you can train yourself to work hard- study, practice, you can also train yourself to be more creative.

So where does creativity come from? Some (like myself) say that creativity comes from the creator, so why are some people more creative than others? Are they born with it? Are some people just creatively constipated? Just like some people are born with natural drawing/writing talent, some people think a little differently. However, just like those people who were born with no artistic talent can train to be better at art, they can also train to be more creative. It’s all a matter of getting the ball rolling.

Credit given where where credit is due. This journal was inspired by something I read in a Writers Digest Magazine. The Author Fred White discussed how to bring out your inner inspirations for writing, and I thought the same could apply to any art form. The bottom point of his article was: Writers (Artists as well) don’t wait to be inspired. It is possible to draw without inspiration. It’s also possible to draw without creativity.

Therefore, you can have amazing drawing skills and still not be very creative. But what is the point? there is no fun in that. Creativity and motivation are like chocolate and milk, when separated they are quite neat, but together they make a cup of awesome!

The bottom line is, it’s worth it to try and be more creative when doing artwork.  Subscribe and I’ll be giving some FREE practical advice on how to increase profit using effective printing material creatively in my next few posts.