If you are sceptical (and frankly what with some of the ‘shonky’ companies out there – I don’t blame you), here is what some of our clients have said:

“I worked with Manuel Press Printing and found them Great! They have done a large banner which stood over our office.  Found their service was very good.  Will use them again”.
Tom Murphy, Starr partners Fairfield

“I Vanessa Leigh am a very happy client of Manuel Press Printing. Their service is outstanding, their designs are eye catching. The quality is of very high standard. I will continue to work with them and recommend them to family, friends and clients.”
Vanessa Leigh, Personalised Ceremonies

“Wow! Thanks for the help. I honestly didn’t expect anyone would spend the time to help.  You guys are a world class service!”
Ileana Muresan, General Manager, Laser Medical Centre

“Manuel press printing professional approach resulted in an excellent brochure design that has inspired many prospects to do business with NETSYSS. The brochure design was done on time and on budget with minimum fuss and young Stuart kept tweaking on the design until the final artwork was 100% matching business requirements. Thank you to the whole team for a job well done.”
Tony Simon, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

of the ‘blarney’ out there – I don’t blame you), here is what some of my successful clients have said:

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